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Safety and Security Update

Dear PCSD Re 2 Families and Staff,
It has been a long 24 hours, but as you know by now, the “credible threat” to schools in the Denver
metro area is over. The FBI has confirmed that the suspect was found dead this morning in the
mountains west of Denver. There is no longer a threat to the community.
Thank you to our law enforcement community for their work and proactive steps to keep all of our
children safe. Thanks also to our teachers and staff who students look to for comfort in scary moments.
As you know, safety is always the highest priority.
Our schools will be open tomorrow with heightened safety and security measures in place. Your children
are well protected.
These kinds of incidents are stressful for all of us, but especially for our children.Here are some
useful talking points to share with students
1. Reassure children that they are safe.
2. Make time to talk.
3. Keep conversations age appropriate.
4. Review safety procedures.
5. Observe children’s emotional state.
6. Limit television viewing of these events.
7. Maintain a normal routine.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these trying times. As with any incident of this
kind, we are debriefing our response and always looking for ways to improve.
Thank you 
Joe Torrez