Park County Re 2 Schools shall strive to provide a safe environment, meaningful opportunities, and innovative educational programs for all students so that they reach their learning potential, including that they meet or exceed state and district content standards, through a partnership between home, school, and community.

Board Global Goals

The District will provide a safe, productive learning environment with an effective partnership between the school, home, and community.  Within the available resources of our District, our students will be prepared (1) academically, (2) technologically, (3) physically, and (4) socially to become productive members of the global community.

BOE Members

President Shelia Waite Term Exp 11/2021 PO Box 462 Fairplay, CO 80440 boe.waite@parkcountre2.org

Vice President Larry Foster Term Exp 11/21 PO Box 143 Fairplay, CO 80440 boe.foster@parkcountyre2.org

Secretary-Treasurer Shana Bundy Term Exp 11/21 PO Box 1281 Fairplay, CO 80440 boe.bundy@parkcountyre2.org

Director Graham Fowler Term 11/21 PO Box 2050 Fairplay, CO 80440 boe.fowler@parkcountyre2.org

Director Duane Thompson Term 11/21 PO Box 304 Fairplay, CO 80440 boe.thompson@parkcountyre2.org