School Closing Alerts

School closures will be posted as an announcement. Please view either the home page or "Announcements" under the parents and students tab for the most current closure information.

School Closing Information


All schools in Park County School District Re 2 may be closed for the following emergency conditions

1. Weather conditions: Snow, icy roads, and/or wind

2. Boiler or plumbing breakdowns.

3.Other emergencies deemed by the Superintendent to warrant school closings.

Inclement Weather Before School Starts

If the decision is made to cancel or delay school, initial phone calls will be made as early as possible so bus drivers who have early routes can be notified. A delayed start means school will begin at 10:00 am. Students should arrive no earlier than 9:30 am and breakfast will NOT be served. Parents will be notified by the following procedures:

-Parents will receive an automated phone call.

-This information will also be provided to the media: Channel 4 and 9 Television Stations

Inclement Weather After School Starts

The Policy of Park County School District Re 2 will be to retain the students until the closing of the school day unless the weather becomes questionable during the day.  Parents always have the right to have their child/children released early into their care or to keep them home from school in bad weather.