Main Office Phone Contacts

District Administration 719-836-3111

ETE Preschool 719-836-4416

Edith Teter Elementary   719-836-2949

South Park Middle School 719-836-4406

South Park High School   719-836-2006

District Office Admin and Staff
PCSD History
Original ETE

Park County School district is nestled in the Rocky Mountains with the Mosquito Range being the closet range to Fairplay. Our campus looks out on Mt. Sherman (14,043 ft) and Mt. Silverheels (13,829 ft)

Park County was established in 1861 where shortly afterward the first school building was erected; Edith Teter Elementary. Over the course of 120+ years the rest of the campus was built to also include Silverheels Middle School and South Park High School. In 2009 the State and community provided funding through the BEST grant to build the new campus that is on property today. The new campus has been in use since 2012.

Highway 285 is a major thoroughfare of the entire county which can experience very high windspeeds and ground blizzards in the winter but the summertime brings beautiful wildflowers and native grasses among the ranches. Highway 9 is the gateway to Breckenridge and Summit County for winter skiing. Having a 4 day school week provides for ample time to go play outdoors!

~A photo believed to be taken in the 1950s of Edith Teter Elementary School. (Photo from the Park County Archives)