Park County School District is beyond grateful to our community for passing 4B, a mill levy override, to support improvements and programming for the future. We will keep you abreast of the ways we are utilizing these funds as part of our commitment to you, our community.

How our funds are being used:

1. The board approved a two step salary increase for all staff which went into effect January, 2022, for the 21-22 school year.

2. New band instruments have been purchased!

3. We have developed a new position: Vocational Trades Coordinator. Our own Erin Ventura will be taking on this position next year!

4. Extracurricular activity accounts (like for athletics, band, the arts) have been expanded.

5. A new suburban has been purchased to replace our much older vehicles used for smaller group field trips and events.

6. We hired a new Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Erin Pellant!

7. A new library teacher has been hired for our new literacy based program. Elaina Volk will be taking on this new position next year!

8. New this year!!! Career and Technical Education Program: Auto Mechanics, BioMedical, Building Trades, Vocational Agriculture

9. New bookshelves for our library!