Drop Off/Pick Up Process

Every year we have new families enroll in the district and they are unfamiliar with our pick-up process. Even families who have been here awhile, have trouble remembering the routine so I will go over it again.

The pick-up line starts on Hathaway and 8th Street and curves around the high school, the elementary school, and comes out onto Highway 9. There is a designated pick-up lane that is clearly marked closest to the school property (sidewalk) on the town street. The pick-up lane is for cars to sit and wait until students are released from school.The pick-up lane is not for parking if you need to enter the buildings. Parents should NOT get out of vehicles while in the pick-up lane. Elementary students are released at 4:07 and will be in front of the elementary doors to wait for parents to pull up. If there are no cars in front of you while you are in line, please pull forward to keep the line moving. Once your child is safely in your vehicle, pull out into the street and drive on, allowing cars behind you to pull forward. If you are waiting for a middle or high school student, you will be waiting a little longer since they are not released until 4:12. We ask that you park on Hathaway next to the high school parking lot so elementary parents can pull around you or better yet, park in the high school parking lot.

Some things to keep in mind:

The side of the street opposite of the school is private property and is not for school parking.

The Casa Sanchez parking lot is also not for school use but they have offered to allow parents to park there during pick-up time.